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In 1983, Marc Seriff, Steve Case, Jim Kimsey and William Von Meister founded the Control Video Corporation.

However, by 2009 this American based web portal and online service company rebranded and they are now known as AOL Inc www.aol.com.


Today Tim Armstrong is the CEO of AOL Inc. and this top brand has its headquarters located in the Big Apple – New York City at 770 Broadway.

With a worldwide service area and over 5,550 employees, AOL Inc. is a full-fledged corporation that is also marketed by Verizon Media.


www.aol.com Official Site

AOL Inc. is fully active on the world wide web and comes with an official website aol.com. In addition, www.AOL.com can be reached on a number of social media platforms as seen below;

aol official site


My Aol Mail account login page

aol my mail

The website access to login to my mail aol account is https://mail.aol.com/ or www.aol.com/mail/

Access all your mails there. You can check your mobile through aol website or through your mobile device. AOL mail is safe email provider, uses imap protocol and has a great user experience.


AOL official site offers a number of products and services aimed at providing users with unlimited entertainment.

Also, users can safely and conveniently browse the site from their registered account. When it comes down to applications, the AOL website is riddled with quite a few fascinating ones.


AOL Mobile

 With AOL Mobile you will never miss a moment of entertainment. You can have all the AOL apps as well as site with you at all times.

The features are all designed for mobile use, so you are sure of a true mobile experience whenever and wherever.


The App  http://aolapps.aol.com/ keeps you entertained and informed at all times. The loading time is really fast and you are kept in the loop with breaking news, trending videos, AOL Mail https://discover.aol.com/products-and-services/aol-mail and headline news.

Get all the news you want from entertainment, finance, lifestyle, videos and games.


It also offers an app for desktop for Windows https://discover.aol.com/products-and-services/aol-desktop-for-windows.

This free to download application allows you to enjoy all the features of the AOL site direct from your Windows PC.


AOL.com Help

 On the www.aol.com website you can get some help on a number of topics. Just visit the AOL.com Help link here and you will be able to resolve many issues in no time.


Assist by AOL

Apart from AOL Help, you also have ‘Assist by AOL’ on the official site. By visiting the Assist by AOL https://discover.aol.com/products-and-services/assist-by-aol you will be able to get more information on products and services.


Account Management in AOL.com


Sign Up

  1.  You can sign up to the AOL official website by clicking on the sign up button at https://login.aol.com/account/create
  2. When you do, you are taken to a page where you would be required to provide personal information like your Name, Date of Birth, Gender, AOL Email Address, AOL Password and Mobile number.
  3. Once you have provided all the relevant information, you then have to click on the Continue button.


Sign In

 To sign in to your registered AOL.com account, you would have to click the Sign in button on the site. https://login.aol.com/

  1. Once on the sign in page, you will need to provide your registered email address or username.
  2. You then click on the Next button to get to where you would have to input your registered password.
  3. With the right password, you will gain access to your account and all the features that abound.

If you want to manage your account, you can do so now by clicking on this Account Management link https://myaccount.aol.com/


Reviews of aol.com

You can check here the main available www.aol.com reviews. You can also write in these websites your own experience in a review.

consumeraffairs reviews

www.aol.com has an average score of 2.6 out of 5


trustpilot reviews

aol.com has an average score rating of 1.9 out of 5


In summary the review results are very positive.