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On the 15th of January, 2001 was launched on the World Wide Web by two friends – Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.

Larry Sanger was the brainchild behind the idea to call this multilingual online encyclopediasearch by its current name.


Wikipedia is a combination of two words.

  1. The first word is “Wiki” and this is a Hawaiian word that translates to “Quick” in the English Language.
  2. The second word is the English Language word of “Encyclopedia”.

When these words were combined they are meant to suggest “Quick Encyclopedia” which is the hallmark of the free encyclopedia. official site

Though an American based website, Wikipedia is structured to serve virtually anyone from around the world.

You can easily make an enquiry under the Wikipedia platform in as many as 309 different languages and quick get a response on their enquiry.

You can even type in your enquiry using a search engine like Google with the word “Wikipedia” beside your enquiry and you will get an immediate response.

The interesting thing about Wikipedia is that it is run entirely by an open, extensive community of editors who have freely volunteered to dedicate their time to managing the project.

These editors make use of wiki-based professional editing systems to effect the review of content, update content on Wikipedia, and edit newly provided free content.

In January 2020, Alexa ranked Wikipedia as one of the most popular sites on the internet.

Wikipedia is owned and fully supported by Wikimedia Foundation which is a non-profit organisation that is fully funded mainly through generous donations from individuals and organisations.

wikipedia official site

The Wikipedia website is completely free of commercial ads of any kind and offers only free content to users whenever they require it. does not bait unsuspecting users into clicking on commercial ad links. This further strengthens their credibility as a trustworthy source for information on the internet.


Wikipedia official website 

 The Wikipedia official website is simply –

In its 19 years of existence, the founders of have been resolute in their resolve to keep this multilingual online encyclopedia free from any commercial interests.

In recent times, Wikimedia has also explored the possibility of establishing their own social media network.

Late last year their ambition became a reality with the launch of WT Social.


Donation is free to use. You can do your donation online to keep the website free in the wikimedia fundation


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Important Notes on

 It is important to note that Wikipedia does not have a central editorial board. Each of the editors that contribute in their own way to editing content on Wikipedia do so on their own volition.


So the responsibility to attend to the editing requests of individuals is not that of Wikimedia Foundation staff.


You can enquire about how to use Wikipedia or how to edit from other Wikipedia users by using the help desk or live help channel

You can also come to the Teahouse if you prefer.

Wikipedia runs an open door policy, not only with its editors, but also with donations received.

You can freely obtain information on the donation process including; how you can donate and how your funds are actually spent.


Content disputes are resolved under Wikipedia:Dispute resolution, so if you are not satisfied with information about something or someone, you can express your dissatisfaction under this forum.

You can also send an email to on issues other than a disagreement with Wikipedia content.

Reviews of

You can check here the main available reviews. You can also write in these websites your own experience in a review.

trustpilot reviews has an average score of 2.5 out of 5

sitejabber reviews has an average score rating of 4.1 out of 5

In summary the review results are very positive.