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What is Whatfinger.com

Whatfinger is the number one Conservative News Alternative To The Drudge. It is one of the biggest news aggregate website online for world news and today’s news.

They claim to be an independent news site without censorship or hate speech.

The main categories of the page are:



There are many news sites on the internet, but none quite like Whatfinger. Whatfinger News was established by a group of serving and ex-military personnel who were just tired of the stereotypical way news reports were presented to the US public.

So, they decided to set up a no-holds barred site that truly explores (to the limit) the concept of uncensored news reporting. There are usually two sides to a story and this is what Whatfinger tries to do. To bring both sides of the story and give readers a more holistic, unbiased news report.

Whatfinger basically leaves readers to their own devices. As a reader of the news items on Whatfinger News site, you get to decide by yourself and form your own opinion on any reported news item.


Whatfinger Highlights News Items from various Sources

Whatfinger highlights news stories from top cable news networks like Black Pigeon, CNN, FOX, Mark Dice, Rebel Media, and many more. Visitors to the Whatfinger News website can read stories or watch videos if they prefer.

Whatfinger is a unique news website focused on exposing the truth behind a news article and this is only possible when the news report is dissected to its most fundamental structure.

Readers deserve to know the truth behind every news item they digest, Whatfinger focuses on revealing this truth no matter the cost. Whatfinger provides a more rounded, worldly view of news reports to inform, educate, entertain, and even shock readers.

What you can count on is undiluted news items devoid of falsehood. Whatfinger also values ratings from visitors and readers on their site. You can give each news report a thumbs up, thumbs down or the middle finger if you like.



While you can get news reports directly from the official Whatfinger News website from your desktop or mobile browsers, Whatfinger also offers users free-to-download apps for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The Whatfinger apps are designed to provide users with quick access to the latest news reports from around the world. Whatfinger apps offer news on politics, economics, science and technology, entertainment, and so much more.

With the mobile app, you can stay in touch with Whatfinger News reports while on-the-go. The Whatfinger News mobile app for Android was launched on the 4th of December, 2018 and can be downloaded directly to your Android mobile device from Google Play Store.

There are no in-app purchases although ads may be viewed on the app once launched.


The Whatfinger News app for Android has a small file size of just 1 MB (so you don’t have to worry about the app taking too much space on your mobile device). Also, the Whatfinger News app for Android is compatible with Android 4.0.3 OS and upwards.


If you are an Apple iOS mobile device user, you are not left behind. You can also download the Whatfinger News app for iOS mobile devices like iPhones and iPads directly from the App Store.

With the mobile apps, you are guaranteed fast, seamless, reliable, and easy access to undiluted news, blog, and video reports from the stables of Whatfinger News.

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