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Established in 1970, Walden University is a private, for-profit, online based institution.

This institution is affiliated to a worldwide syndicate of higher institutions that are managed by the Laureate Education Incorporation.

The academic headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota while it’s administrative headquarters are located at Baltimore, Maryland.


Walden also offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. At Walden university, students can apply for any of the following online programs;

  • Bachelor of Science,
  • Master of Science,
  • Master of Business Administration,
  • Master of Public Administration,
  • Master of Public Health,
  • Education Specialist,
  • Doctor of Education,
  • Doctor of Business Administration, and
  • Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

walden student portal

The motto of this reputable online is «A higher degree. A higher purpose».

At this moment, Ward Ulmer is the President of the university, and there are over 49,600 online students that are currently enrolled for one program or another.


Login and Welcome to my Walden university student portal!

 When you visit the Walden student portal, you are immediately greeted with a «Welcome to myWalden!» message.

You can get on-board the Walden student portal right here https://beta.my.waldenu.edu/

my walden portal

  1. If you want to login to your registered online student account in my walden portal, you will have to provide both your Walden university email address as well as your registered, active password.
  2. On the myWalden student portal landing page, there is a «login» button that takes you to where you can enter your «@waldenu.edu» email address and user password.
  3. Once you input these security details, you will then need to click on the «SIGN IN» button to gain access to your registered online student account.


Also, on the «login» page there are a number of help options available. These help options include;

  • I Need Help Logging In: This option will provide you with a help guide for logging into your online student account.
  • I Want To Order My Official Transcript: This portal provides you with a step-by-step guide on how you can request for your transcripts.
  • Go To Password Reset: If you need to reset your password, then this is a link that will take you to a portal where you will be well-briefed on how to proceed with resetting your registered password.


Walden university Website edu and Help Desk


  • To visit the Walden university website, simply click on www.waldenu.edu. On the website you will be able to view the different online education programs available at Walden.
  • You will also be able to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate online program of your choice as well as view tuition fees, and different financing options.
  • For any technical assistance, you can get in touch with Walden university Customer Care Team via phone call on 1-800-WALDENU Option 2.
  • If you want to learn more about how to use the Walden student portal, then the «Student Portal Terms of Use» is the best place to go, you can know more about this link right here.


Walden university offers a user-friendly student portal. One where online lectures and course materials are seamlessly obtained by students.

In addition, students can engage in groups chats and online tutorials with other students from all over the world.


Reviews of walden.edu student portal

You can check here the main available www.walden.edu reviews. You can also write in these websites your own experience in a review.

gradreports reviews

walden.edu has an average score of 2.8 out of 5


consumeraffairs reviews

walden university has an average score rating of 4.2 out of 5


In summary the review results are very positive.


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