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TMZ (thirty mile zone) is a celebrity gossip, breaking and entertainment news page of AOL. You will find today breaking celebrity and Hollywood gossip in the TMZ website. It was founded on 2005 (the 8th of november) The owner is warnermedia.

It is an American site dedicated to entertainment, gossip, breaking and celebrity news. Also sports, hollywood, hip hop and other.

In the last month of the year, two thousand and five emerged from the cooperation between AOL and Telepictures Productions. The two companies owned by Time Warner. According to, it reaches more than 4 million readers monthly. Its chief columnist is Harvey Levin, a lawyer dedicated to journalism who began as a legal specialist on the KCBS-TV channel.

The letters TMZ mean thirty-mile zone (‘thirty mile zone’), in reference to the ‘study area’ of forty-eight with three km around, located at the intersection of West Beverly and North La Cienega boulevards in The city of Los Angeles, California.

One of the peculiarities of is that it does not offer payments to get interviews or exclusive celeb news, but studies and examines precisely, according to Levin’s words. A sister series, called TMZ on TV, began on September 10, two thousand and seven in the US.


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The homepage of tmz is full of daily news, rumors and sports. It updates many times every day.

There is also a collection of pictures and videos of famous people.

You can find a special section about breaking news, gossip and sports also. News and videos for free.



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What does TMZ stand for and what does it mean

What does TMZ stand for?

It is something very, very Hollywood. Since the name refers to an area of thirty miles («Thirty Mile Zone»).

That is, the perimeter of about 48 kilometers from the corner of North La Cienaga and West Beverly boulevards.

From which, the labor regulations of the film industry and its different guilds require the payment of additional travel expenses for filming from a movie.


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