Best Free Online Survey Websites to make money and get paid

In the world today, company and organizations around the world conduct surveys to collect information. Also, to gain insights into public opinions of their products and services. Some are paid surveys.

This information is needed to improve customer satisfaction as well as create a better growth system for their company.

The importance of surveys to companies cannot be overemphasized and to this effect, companies put out rewards to respondents who participate in online surveys.

The paid surveys rewards come in various offers from survey websites like:

  • free airline tickets online surveys,
  • money paid surveys,
  • gift card online surveys,
  • discounts at shopping malls paid surveys,
  • free grocery services online surveys,
  • etc.

Imagine getting paid to share your opinion on a product or about services rendered to you through a websiter survey, it’s a win-win, right? Its true, you can make surveys for money. Check the following websites.


Online Survey Websites as a means of income

With the emergence of the COVID- 19 pandemic, many have lost their jobs and businesses. It left them with a tiny stream of income and an unsustainable means of living.

However, while many struggles with getting back on their feet and getting a stable source of income, some have been enlightened. They have been gaining a lot of free money working with legitimate paid survey from the comfort of their homes.

So, if you have been thinking of how to make legitimate money from the comfort of your home, or you need an additional source of income, then you need to read this post.

We will be sharing with you some of the top sites online to make money with surveys.


The Best Survey websites Online

Amongst other online here are 10 of the top free paying you should check out.



Swagbucks is one of the best, reliable and popular sites. It works in conjunction with well-known brands and retailers that invest millions in surveys for their brands.  This platform enables you to make extra money easily in different ways and you can earn gift cards as well as money for participating in surveys.

Surveys on this platform take about 10-15 minutes and you can take as many as you like and get paid for sharing your ideas. Reviews have shown that you can earn up to $50 in a month and there is no shortage of money.



One of the best survey websites. It has an easier pay-out standard with bonuses on each.

You can earn up to $10 every hour by taking surveys and start cashing out when you make up to $25.  It is one of the best when you want to make money within a short period.



 Pinecone Research is the highest-paid site as well as the best free paying site. Unlike other sites, you can earn up to $4 on every surveys you participate in

Although the time range for surveys on this site varies from 15-20 minutes, you are sure to earn more than enough for the time spent.

Asides from making a profit on this site, you can also make difference to the product you share your opinions on. You get to share your ideas, make some money as well as making an impact.



 Inbox dollars is one of the oldest survey websites with ratings of 3.52 stars as well over 800 positive reviews from satisfied customers. This site one of the best paid survey sites because you can earn an easy $5 when you sign up on the website and it provides you with diverse payment options.

Also, you get to earn $1 when you download the toolbar on the website, and you are rewarded $0.01 for every research you make.



 Vindale Research is also one of the best online survey sites. It provides you with hundreds of surveys, giving you many options to choose from, and allows you to take them on any device.

You get paid for taking surveys, watching videos and making referrals.

Vindale research provides you with an easy pay-out system via PayPal and offers you up to $5 on each survey you take.



 Toluna unlike other survey sites provides you with redeemable points. You can reedem them into vouchers, gift cards, and prizes worth up to $50 per survey.

It is a legitimate paid survey site that gives you access to community features that are relevant to you.



Lifepoint is another best free paying survey site that offers you basic question and relatable questions as well offer you free physical products to test out. It gives you the option of choosing whichever surveys you want to take and also connects you with a wide range of consumers who needs your opinion.



 This website requires you to fill out a profile and then provide you with surveys that suit your preference. So, you can be sure to get easy question that enable you to gain a lot as well as contribute to the website.

Also, Survey junkie unlike other websites offers you with $10 pay-out points. It make it easier to redeem your PayPal Cash or gift cards.



Survey club offers you surveys that are of relevance to you. And even give you opportunities to filter questionnaires that are within your range and topic area.

Points redeemed from this site are in form of Amazon gift cards and you can earn up to $5 on each.



MyPoints is the best survey sites for money, because of its reward services. It offers a $10 sign up bonus as well as a payout of up to $5 per survey.

You can also earn points on surveys you didn’t even take. So, as long as you are on the website you are sure to earn enough points to redeem into:

  • Money,
  • Gift cards from retailers,
  • And visa gift cards.


There are also some good survey websites online. But the above listed 10 are the best and legitimate websites that pay for it.

So, if you are searching for a quick and legit way to make money, you should check out the above-listed survey sites.