Spectrum pay my bill online in Spectrum.net


Many people are a bit confused about the workings of Spectrum.com and Spectrum.net. While both are legitimate sites that are owned by Charter Spectrum, they were both built to provide completely different services.

Spectrum.com is the official website of Charter communications Spectrum which is accessible to US residents customers and provides them with a variety of cable TV, phone, and Internet packages.

Spectrum.net on the other hand, is a website that is available ONLY to subscribers and customers of Spectrum.com services. So if you have subscribed to a cable TV, phone or internet bundle on Spectrum.com, then you can easily manage your respective package on Spectrum.net.

In this post, you will learn how to pay your subscription bills directly on Spectrum.net. But there are also other ways to conveniently pay your bills.

In addition to online payment, this article will also reveal how you can make payment using the ‘My Spectrum App’, ‘Pay by Phone’, ‘Your Bank Website’, ‘Spectrum Stores’, ‘Third-Party Payment Agents’, and ‘Pay by Mail’.


Bill Payment Directly on Spectrum.net


To make make a subscription payment directly on Spectrum.net, you will need to follow these four simple steps:

  • Login using either an Admin or Primary account number to enter. You can locate your account number and security code to sign in learn to do it with this help.

  • After sign in, Go-to the Spectrum.net billing section and select either ‘Pay My bill’ or ‘Make a Payment’ to enter.

  • In the make a payment page. Choose your preferred mode of payment and provide relevant information. Note that you can make bill payments using any of:  savings or checking account, and credit or debit cards.

  • Abide by all pop-up prompts and make your bill payment.


Important notes:

  • A prompt asking you whether you would like to make recurring bill payments or a one-time payment will pop-up on your screen. Choose which payment type you prefer and close the pop-up window.
  • After a scheduled bill payment has been made in the billing section, a payment confirmation window is revealed showing your payment status and amount paid.
  • If you want a statement of your bill payment, you can do so directly on Spectrum.net.
  • In a situation where your subscription service has been disconnected (voluntarily or otherwise), you cannot make payment on ‘My Spectrum App’, but you can pay your bills on Spectrum.net.


Pay my bill Using ‘My Spectrum App’


You can also make your bill payment via the free-to-download ‘My Spectrum App’. This app is available for use by both Android and iOS mobile device users.

However, before you can use this app and make scheduled payments, you will need to be connected to the Internet.

Here’s how you can pay your subscriptions using ‘My Spectrum App’:

  1. Login to the app by providing your password and username.
  2. Go-to the ‘Billing’ menu tab.
  3. Tap on the ‘Make Payment’ button.
  4. You will then have access to various fields where you can input the amount to be paid and payment date. You can also choose your preferred mode of payment.
  5. As soon as you have provided all the necessary payment information, tap on the ‘Make Payment’ button to complete the payment process. A payment confirmation notice will pop-up once your payment has been successfully made.
  6. Note that you have an optimum payment limit of USD $1,000 when using ‘My Spectrum App’ to pay bills.


Other Modes of Paying Spectrum Bills


As mentioned earlier, there are really other equally effective ways to make Spectrum subscription payments.

These include ‘Pay by Phone’, ‘Your Bank Website’, ‘Spectrum Stores’, ‘Third-Party Payment Agents’, and ‘Pay by Mail’.


 How to pay Bills using ‘Pay by Phone’


You can equally make subscription payments using the ‘Pay by Phone’ method. This is an automated payment service where you have to call the dedicated Spectrum number – (833) 267-6094. And then follow the instructions of the voice on the other end of the line in order to effect payment.

Spectrum accepts ‘Pay by Phone’ bill payments through the use of a Savings or Checking account. You can pay your Spectrum service bills directly from your Savings or Checking account using a debit card or credit card.

This may be an ‘American Express’, ‘MasterCard’, ‘Visa’ or ‘Discover’ credit card. However, note that you will be charged a processing service fee of USD $5.00 if you decide to pay your subscription via the ‘Pay by Phone’ method.


Paying Spectrum Bills through ‘Your Bank Website’


You can pay for your Spectrum subscriptions via the ‘Your Bank Website’. This is where you login to the website with your account number of your respective bank, access the online payment service function of the only bank, and add Spectrum as a scheduled one-time or recurring payee.

No processing fees will be charged by Spectrum if you use this mode of payment. However, like the other forms of payment, you will need to have access to the Internet before you can access the online payment service of your bank. And then add Spectrum as a scheduled one-time or recurring payee.


Pay Bills via ‘Spectrum Stores’

You can pay bills via ‘Spectrum Stores’ by using the Spectrum Store locator to discover the nearest store to your current location. This payment service does not attract any processing fee for customers.

Payments can be made directly from credit card and debit card and:

  • your Savings or Checking account,
  • ‘American Express’,
  • ‘MasterCard’,
  • ‘Visa’
  • or ‘Discover’ credit cards.

You can also pay cash or pay with money orders in ‘Spectrum Stores’.


Spectrum Bills Paid via ‘Third-Party Payment Agents’

Another way to pay your Spectrum bills is through ‘Third-Party Payment Agents’ located in or around your location. These agents include major supermarkets like Schnucks and Walmart.

They also include local and international money transfer service providers, such as; MoneyGram and Western Union.

However, note that you will be subject to the processing and service fees of the third-party agent.


‘Pay by Mail’


Spectrum accepts check payments for subscriptions through regular mail. Check your respective billing statement for an accurate mailing address.

You can also get the right mailing address online when you login and go-to the ‘Billing’ section of your Spectrum.net account. Never mail cash money.


In Conclusion

Using Spectrum.net to pay for subscriptions is simple as we explained in this post. Remember that you do not have to visit the website before you can make bill payments.

You can also do so using their app on your Android or iOS mobile device. But if you are still a bit old-school, Spectrum accepts phone and mail payments as well.

If you need more information about online bill payments on Spectrum.net, drop a comment or email us with your enquiries and we will get back to you ASAP!