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Rackspace Webmail Login email apps steps

What is rackspace webmail login email steps and how to login to rack space hosted for business account.



  1. The Rackspace Webmail Login email  apps can be accessed here in the rackspace mailbox website https://apps.rackspace.com
  2. Once you are on this hosted for business webmail site, you are taken to a login page where you will be required to provide your «Email Address» and «Password».
  3. Then, you can login to your rackspace webmail account by clicking the green colored «Log In» button.
  4. If you forgot your account password, you can click on the «Forgot password?» link option provided to reset password.
  5. By so doing you will be able to either recover or reset your old password and also provide a new one if you so desire and login again.
  6. You now have a mail account. Enjoy the rackspace webmail.


Rackspace Customer login

how do i access rackspace webmail?

The Rackspace webmail customer account login is https://www.rackspace.com/login and my.rackspace.com


Rackspace.com was founded back in 1998. At that time there were a large number of IT hosting firms granting their clients single-tenant server access on the internet.

However, the one thing most of these firms did not provide to their clients was a comprehensive customer management service.

Rackspace.com on the other hand was one of the first players in the telecoms industry to embrace the concept of comprehensive customer management.

And  they carve a niche for themselves even in the midst of the top telecoms companies that dominated the industry at the time.

With the «Fanatical Support» campaign, Rackspace was able to provide top class end-to-end client services to attend to all client enquiries and requests in the quickest possible time.

In time Rackspace would establish itself as a leading expert in network security, Windows, and Linux technologies. With referrals and recommendations from satisfied clients, Rackspace would eventually dominate the industry.

www.rackspace.com are pioneers of «Managed Cloud». This rackspace technology is a completely brand new market. They provide their specialized, automated cloud technologies services to players in both the private and public sector.


Rackspace has earned its place in the exclusive community of cloud technologies giants. They offer a wide portfolio on the top cloud platforms that cover;

  • data management,
  • security,
  • applications, and infrastructure.


The «Fanatical Experience» slogan of Rackspace is more than just a catchphrase. It actually involves a proactive, customer-centric drive that is 100% result-oriented.


Rackspace Official Website

rackspace webmail login email

To get on-board the Rackspace official website, visit https://www.rackspace.com. The backdrop color scheme of the site is white. While the content is in black fonts.

On the site you have «Log In» to your account, «Buy Now«, and a drop-down menu on the top navigation bar.


Under the drop-down menu you have the following categories;

  • Solutions
  • Platforms
  • Resources
  • Support
  • About
  • Partners


  • For the «Solutions» category there are several sub-categories, such as;
    • Email Hosting,
    • Database Management,
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
    • And so on.
  • The «About» category takes you on a journey. From when Rackspace started rght down to their present service offerings.
    • For more information on who their partners and associates are, you can visit the «Partners» category.
  • The «Platforms» category lists
    • Alibaba Cloud,
    • Google Cloud,
    • Microsoft,
    • FedRamp Private Cloud
    • and others as the platforms available.
  • For the «Resources» category you have access to:
    • the «Resource Center»,
    • «Customer Stories»,
    • «Events»
    • and «Newsroom»
  • In the «Support» category there is:
    • the «Contact Support»,
    • «Support Documentation»,
    • and «API Documentation».


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Reviews of rackspace.com webmail

You can check here the main available www.rackspace.com reviews. You can also write in these websites your own experience in a review.

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rackspace.com has an average score of  1.5 out of 5


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www.rackspace.com has an average score rating of 2.4 out of 5


In summary the review results are 1.9 out of 5