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What is? Review of Oranum.com

Oranum.comΒ is Poland based, the largest spiritual communities. It allows clients and psychics to connect on a live webcam platform.

www.oranum.com is available for readings, and they are specialized in other areas such as reiki healing, horoscopes, dream interpretation, tarot card readings, etc.

These are new, yet are the psychic reading popular live platforms that are gaining prominence.

The biggest advantage of Oranum is that they offer the complete session on live webcam. It is not about hearing some online chat or phone readings.

It is about the way it offers a unique approach presenting a deeper connection of you with the psychic reader.

oranum reviews

How does Oranum work?

Oranum.com registration is at no cost. You can create an account by entering your details. This will introduce you to more than 200 qualified and experienced professionals shown in their directory.

Oranum.com concentrates on offering a confident and comfortable service to its users.

You can chat directly for free with a psychic even before paying and ensure you like each other and feel good to go on together.

Only when you are comfortable to initiate a session, you may add to your account and ‘Start consultation.’

oranum.com reviews

Psychic Readings types offered

Oranum has a comprehensive and diverse list of readings to offer.


  • Love & Relationship: People uncertain about their love and relationship status, can take the help of www.oranum.com psychics. Receive relevant answers and put an end to the turmoil your heart undergoes.
  • Clairvoyance: Clairvoyants provide understanding and clarity in solving your present life issues. This is done by tapping into insights. Their psychics include clairsentients and clairaudients (Someone who feels things and someone who hears things). This can be felt or heard only by them.
  • Family and Home: It is above romantic relationships that people need some assistance to maintain a peaceful family and to run their home life steadily. This is assisted by Oranum psychics.
  • Cards and Tarot: The Oranum.com psychics use rune, tarot, angel cards, or gypsy to give you the exact reading. Particularly, the readings of the Tarot card present the future in the present offering clear insights, regardless of whether it is related to relationships, careers, or something else. The answers are sure to be convincing and appealing to all the query seekers.


There are diverse services offered by Oranum.com, including Dreamy Interpretation and Energy Readings and Rituals, besides palm reading, astrology, sound healing, and numerology.


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Free Daily Horoscope

A free daily horoscope. Choose your zodiac sign and get your western or Chinese horoscope.


+ Review pros points about www.oranum.com

  • A forward-thinking service: Signing up for oranum.com ensures you get free credits for $9.99 to spend on psychic reading to gain the first experience almost for free.
  • Webcam readings: This psychic network is an intense service offering webcam readings. It is much different from a chat reading or a typical phone reading. Webcam reading offers a personal connection.
  • Screening: Oranum screens psychics before they appear online. This screening is done to confirm the spiritual abilities standard that each psychic must pass so that they will be considered capable enough to connect people.


Overall, a 4.5/5 rating for www.Oranum.com


Oranum Reviews

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oranum.com has an average score of 2.5 out of 5


Trustpilot reviews

www.oranum.com has an average score rating of 2.7 out of 5


Oranum reviews

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In summary the review results are very positive.


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