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For you to be able to track your eBay buying and selling activity, you simply need to visit the My eBay login page and sign into your account there.

After logging into My eBay, you will be able to access listings of items you have placed bids on and items you have actually made offers on.

You will also be able to access listings of bids you didn’t win, upon logging into My eBay.

Another thing you can do, after logging into My eBay, is access listings of items you have sold in the past, as well as items you are currently selling on eBay.

It is also by logging into My eBay that you are able to access your purchase history: within which you will find all the items you have bought through eBay in the last three years.

That is not all: for upon logging into My eBay, you will also be able to access your wish list as well as your saved searches, alongside listings of items you are ‘watching’.


Requirements for you to log into My eBay

To log into My eBay, you need to be equipped with a computing device that has a browser application and that is connected to the Internet.

You also need to have registered for an account on My eBay: a process that culminates in you getting the credentials with which you can log into My eBay.


Steps to follow when logging into My eBay

  • Firstly, you need to go to My eBay login page. To do so, you need to put your computing device on, and then launch the browser application.
  • Then you need to enter the address/URL for My eBay login page into the browser application.
  • The address/URL we have just made reference to is provided in the ‘links’ section of this article. When you enter that address/URL into your browser application, you are taken straight to My eBay login page.
  • When you get to My eBay login page, you will find spaces provided for you to enter your email or username, alongside your password.
  • Enter both credentials, then click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • When you enter your username or email alongside your password, you are instantly logged into My eBay.
  • And once you are logged into My eBay, you will find various links/menus you can use to access various features: including listings of items you are bidding on, items you have previously bought through eBay, items you have sold through eBay, your saved searches… and so on.


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