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MSN also known as Microsoft Network is a microsoft web portal home page from 1995.

The official site homepage is

The msn homepage website will redirect you depending on your country to a specific home page.

msn homepage official site

The msn website has almost one web for each country. You can find the home page worldwide map in the main site

  • Africa: Argelia and South Africa
  • Asia: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, philippines, singapore, Vietnam
  • Australia: Australia, new zealand
  • Europe:
    • Österreich
    • België
    • Danmark
    • Suomi ,
    • France
    • Deutschland
    • Česká republika
    • Ελλάδα
    • Ireland
    • Italia
    • Magyarország
    • Nederland
    • Norge
    • Polska
    • Portugal
    • Россия
    • España
    • Sverige
    • Suisse
    • Schweiz
    • Türkiye
    • United Kingdom
  • America:
    • Canada
    • México
    • United States
    • Argentina
    • Brasil
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Perú
    • Venezuela website


Make MSN my homepage

If you are using google chrome you only have to download the extension here to make your default homepage.

For other browsers just:

  1. click on the gear icon on the upper right corner,
  2. check in drop down menu for the default settings of your default browser
  3. and search for default home page,
  4. then input in it as your new home page.


Breaking News

The MSN breaking news, headlines in entertainment and stories of the world today is


Money Markets today

Money news, central markets and stock quotes, futures, and market summay section in


Free online Games

You can play online free games in In

The top Three are:

  1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  2. Microsoft Mahjong
  3. Mahjongg Dimensions


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History and Origin of

The first version of the service

Windows Messenger opened its doors on July 22, 1999 and offered users a very simple service that allowed us to add to our Hotmail contacts and exchange text messages with them, that is, chat in real time.


1.0 – evolution of messenger

Although the service was interesting and was proposed as a much closer and personal alternative to the IRC, at the beginning it had a very irregular reception and it would not be until October when the service would really break out and become saturated.

This first success of Messenger made Microsoft launch a second version of the client in November 1999 and include a couple of details that would accompany us for a long time: the banner that came out in the lower area of ​​the interface and the first Window customization options (although they were small tweaks without too many options).


File transfer

The year 2000 gave this software the possibility of exchanging files, a quite significant fact that allowed users to exchange information while conversing. Long before the file exchange through Dropbox or the extinct Megaupload, it was not uncommon to use the Messenger channel as a channel to exchange information and, in my case, this functionality helped me a lot when doing group work with My classmates during my student days.

In addition, this version 3.0 included support for VoIP, specifically with Net2Phone.


Windows Messenger 4.0 was the version that was installed by default in Windows XP (whose support, by the way, ends in April 2014) and, for many users, is one of the first versions they used. This version allowed us to create groups in our contacts and, therefore, to segment them at our discretion, also included the possibility of establishing voice connections with them and a greater degree of interface customization.



After a transition version that passed without penalty or glory although it included some improvements (such as 3D emoticons or the possibility of using a photo as an avatar), Microsoft launched in 2003 the version 6.0 of its messaging client .This version was a turning point in the platform and offered a high degree of customization to the user (backgrounds, emoticons, avatars, etc.), an aspect that would be extended with the possibility of hiding the window frame and menu bars (giving rise to a compact interface quite nice in use) and also the first games of the platform were seen.



Version 7  was also an interesting evolution in the service, it was the version in which we could send the «winks», that is, those quite outrageous audio animations in which a smiley bowed to us or we saw a Pig mark a dance on our screen.

This version worked on both Windows 98 and Windows Vista and offered a similar experience on all platforms since chat, video calling or voice calls were available as well as the exchange of winks, the famous buzzing (which occasionally they quickened), customize the fonts and send the emoticons.


Reviews of

You can check here the main available reviews. You can also write in these websites your own experience in a review.

consumeraffairs reviews has an average score of 1.2 out of 5

trustpilot reviews has an average score rating of 1.4 out of 5


In summary the review results are very positive.