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A review of Kasamba.com

 Kasamba is a Psychic service website.   It is a popular online network offering psite is well laid out and is simple to use. It easily locates the Psychics and gives readings readily on your questions on career, relationships, tarot, fortune-telling, astrology, love, dream analysis, etc.

It is up to you to sort tychic reading by email, online chat, or by phone.

The Kasamba webshe skills of the Psychics as sprit guides or tarot readings.  The readers here have enjoyed this website and have enjoyed some ‘ah-ha’ moments.

There is the advantage of choosing a psychics list and to chat via an instant messenger interface.

There are multilingual psychics if required. The best part is all the reading is in the chat log securely stored that one can read the advice going back to it anytime.


The Kasamba platform psychics is based on prices, and you can find one fitting your budget.



The customer login website to sign is https://www.kasamba.com/authentication/sign-in.aspx/

  1. Go to the login website
  2. Write your mail and password.
  3. Click on Log In


Expert login

The experts login is https://www.kasamba.com/authentication/sign-in.aspx/


How does kasamba.com work?

Kasamba website works differently. It does not follow any screening process. You will be amazed to know that prepayment is not a requisite. Customers get to see a psychic of their choice with this network.

You can browse the psychic profiles and shop around by choosing a psychic with your budget.

Kasamba network allows their new customers to read free for the first 3 minutes. You can benefit by buying upfront for 10 minutes, at least.

You may ‘click to chat’ only when you are convinced that the psychic reader meets your needs and budget. You can also speak via email or the phone.

On choosing the contact type, the prompts for prepayment will appear and instantly connect you.

This availability feature of real-time sets Kasamba above others, as the users can get to know their readings accurately as per their time.

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Types of Psychic Readings

There is a gamut of readings available as Kasamba Psychics that you can find one that matches your beliefs or needs. The types of readings are:


  • Psychic Reading: The reader reads and interprets the psychic reading of your soul energy using extrasensory perception.
    • This is the energy that is your identity. Psychics can hear, see, and feel your present, past, and future.
    • They convey this information to you. The Psychic reading types on Kasamba include:
      • Aura Readings,
      • Crystal Readings,
      • Rune Casting,
      • Remote Viewing,
      • Pet Psychics,
      • and Psychic Mediums.
  • Love Readings: This is about knowing your relationship clearly, and it helps in making a firm decision.
    • The love reading types available on Kasamba are
      • Finding love,
      • Affairs & Cheating,
      • Divorce and
      • Breaking up,
      • Soulmate connections,
      • and Marriage issues.
  • Tarot Readings: On Kasamba, the tarot readers use intuition and symbolism, besides cartomancy and tarot angel cards as divine tools to assist in making connections towards the present, past, and the future, in revealing potential paths.


The other types of readings include Fortune Telling, Dream Analysis, Career Forecasts, and Astrology Readings.


3 minutes Free Psychic Reading

You can get 3 minutes of free psychic reading in Kasamba.


Daily Horoscope

free horoscope

The free horoscope: Daily, weekly and monthly love forecast, monthly career forecast and yearly love forecast in https://www.kasamba.com/horoscope/


Customer Service

The phone number is not public

The customer service website is https://support.kasamba.com/support/solutions/5000159652


Discount and Coupon Code

You can find coupons and discount codes in these websites:


how to become a psychic in kasamba

You can register as a expert psychic advisor in https://www.kasamba.com/registration/expert-registration/expert-signup.aspx/


+ Review Pros and Points About Kasamba.com

  • Strong Reputation. It is since 1999 and has legit five-star ratings for more than three million. Quality services are assured by this network.
  • Connect as per your convenience and speak to a psychic advisor through mobile phone Kasamba chat app or as email communication.
  • Confidential. Your entire experience is secure and confidential. It proves its confidentiality claims as trusted customer service.


Rating: 4.5/5


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Trustpilot reviews

Kasamba.com has an average review score of 4 out of 5


Yelp.com reviews

www.kasamba.com has an average review score rating of 1.5 out of 5


In summary the review results are quite good.


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