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Login Page and sign in

How to login to the classic website?

You can login and sign in to your account of in the classic and secure URL login


You can either login with facebook or click on Log In which is located after the text Have an account? to sign in


What is Imvu

Imvu stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe and it is a 3d chat. An avatar based social experience. To use it is very simple:

  • Create your account
  • Create and customise your personal avatar
  • Connect to Invu to the 3d chat and connect with millions of people all around the world.

imvu website

IMVU is a company that expands globally, it is for this reason that both 3D chat and the website are free in many languages.

It also has a section of discussion forums in which users chat about topics related (or not) to the different chat fields. It also has an area where users can create their own sets with the privacy they want.

They have a presence in the Social Networks, but where they move the most is through the discussion forums, where they announce the latest news, rules and / or incidents of the chat.

It is a game that is aimed primarily for teenage users and young adults, however many users exceed the threshold of thirty.

Fourteen percent of the players are over thirty-five years old. However, the minimum age to play is thirteen years, with their parents responsible for the movements of said account.

It is a game where you can be who YOU want. In the same way that chat rooms can contain whatever. To this I mean that in certain chat rooms (eighty percent) try to have an environment to your liking, but the other twenty percent is about things but «adulterous», for example: having intimate relationships. Hence the minimum age is 13+ years from now.

It is convenient that the parents of the ‘minors’ are attentive to this kind of game. –Watch out– refills can be made through the website.

Although this is a Free to play game, to be able to model a character and have the environment that the player desires, an account with recharge currency -credits- is required with which it is acquired quickly and directly.

Refunds of such credits are through:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Paysafecard
  • Safetypay
  • BankTransfer
  • Phone Prepaid cards (incorporated in «Game» stores lately).

As payment they are, it has a set of advantages: With these currencies the player can make gifts to other users, pass money to other accounts and acquire certain specific items.



The currency without cost of the game is the so-called promo credit: this can not be passed to any account and you can not give away anything that is acquired with it.

It is money that tends to be achieved in an alternative of the IMVUllable website called «earn credits at no cost» where if a survey is answered, some records are completed or other products of other authors are valued the user can earn this currency with which can be purchased products in the store.

Through the recharges you can acquire some titles and advantages, which serve to «distinguish you» from other users.


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Creator tool download

You can Download the latest version of the creator tool here

Download Imvu

You can download imvu here



You can check the official avatars catalog products for shopping in


Free imvu credits

free imvu credits

You can earn free credits completing current offers:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on view current offers to earn free creditscla


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In summary the review results are 1.9