Enter Code page, How to activate in hbomax/tv


If you have an HBO Max subscription or you want to open an hbo max account then this guide is for you. We will show you how to create a HBOMax account, how to get the activation code, and how to Sign In to inputting the six-digit activation code.


What is a Enter Code?


The hbomax/tv sign in is the website you need to visit with your web browser in order to retrieve an hbo max activation code as an hbo subscriber of hbo max tv or hbo go.

You can get to hbomax tv sign in with this code. It will enable you to stream HBO Max shows, movies, cartoons, comedies, exclusive hbo max original content, other TV programs and download episodes on a mobile phone, tablet, apple tv, samsung tv, amazon fire tv, android tv, cable tv device, roku tv device or samsung Smart Tv.

But before you go-to this site, you need to first open a HBO Max account.

How to Create your HBO Max User Account  


You can create your HBOMax user account by following the steps below:


Step #1: To create your HBO Max user account you need to login to

Step #2: Once on the Web interface, click or tap the “Sign Up” tab.

Step #3: Input your user email ID, your Password, and Username.

Step #4: After providing all necessary information, click or tap on the “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” box. Note that you will be required to provide details such as: your country of residence, postal code, date of birth, and gender.

Step #5: After clicking on the “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” box, the “Create My Account” button will become active. Click or tap on this icon and you will then create your tv provider HBOMax user account.


How to Enter the Activation Code In the Enter Code Site


Follow the steps below if you want to enter the activation code in the website.


Step #1: First of all, you should have the HBO Max app launched on your smart/mobile phone, tablet or Smart Tv.

Step #2: Once the streaming app is launched, click the “Sign Up” button then input all necessary information. After signing in to your HBO user account a six-digit activation code is displayed on the screen of your smart/mobile phone, tablet or Smart Tv.

Step #3: Go-to the Enter Code website. Once there, you need to enter the six-digit activation code that was displayed on your screen (in step #2).

Step #4: Input the six-digit activation code in the field provided and tap on the “Submit” button. After hitting this button, you will need to login to the site one more time.

Step #5: A notification email or Success Message will be sent to you. This message may also come with a link to the Enter Code site requiring you to click on the link to validate/verify your account and the activation process.


How to resolve a malfunctioning HBO Max App

If you have a HBOMax app that is not working properly there are several steps that you can take to get it functioning as it should. Here are a few steps to take in order to resolve your malfunctioning HBO Max app.


Step #1: The first thing to do in such a situation is to update your app. It is possible that it needs updating in order to work seamlessly.

Step #2: Check your Internet connection speed. Remember that HBO Max is an online video on-demand streaming service. So make sure your Internet connection is top-notch. Contact the customer support of your internet service provider for more details on any slow or sluggish internet connection.

Step #3: Try restarting your streaming device. You can refresh your mobile phone or tablet by restarting the supported device. Sometimes this is all you need to do in order to get your HBOMax app functioning well again.

Step #4: You can also try clearing up data and cache on your mobile. This usually does the trick. You can clear data and cache first before you restart the device.

Step #5: Uninstall the HBO Max app, then reinstall it afterwards. This will work in situations where it is corrupt. Reinstalling the app again will ensure that you also have an updated version installed on your mobile device.

Step #6: Finally, if all else fails, try updating the software. Updating your mobile device software can help improve its overall performance and speed.


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About tv sign in

AT&T – WarnerMedia Direct is the owner of HBO Max, one of America’s fast rising subscription-based on-demand video streaming services. HBOMax was launched at different times in various regions around the world.

The first launch was in the US on the 27th of May, 2020. This was followed by a second launching in both the Caribbean and Latin America on the 29th of June, 2021.

But as recently as the 26th of October, 2021 had a third launching in Scandinavia, Spain and Andorra.

In just a year and a half of their existence, HBOMax has established itself as one of the fastest growing on-demand video streaming service providers around.

They have gained over 65 million subscribers in the US and Europe combined. provides premium video services that cover both original television programming and film content.


In Closing


With a subscription you can get to watch blockbuster movies and exclusive TV programs. HBOMax Originals are also available for you and all members of your family.

Enjoy streaming Wonder Woman, Looney Tunes Cartoons, Friends, and so many other exciting movies, comedy series, and cartoon programmes.

The site is the key to accessing all the programming goodies that HBO Max has to offer.

For more information on sign in, please drop a comment in the comment box or send us your enquiries via account email.