Evine Official Site live – now shophq website – www.shophq.com – old www.evine.com


The Evine website was http://www.evine.com/ but now it has a new name which is www.shophq.com

www.evine.com now www.shophq.com is a multichannel broadcast television network retailer service and american cable satelite. The main competitors are HSN and QVC.

The Evine website varies by country. Here is a table with the Evine website for each country:

CountryEvine Website
United Stateshttps://www.evine.com/
United Kingdomhttps://www.evine.co.uk/

Social media:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EVINELive
  •  Twitter: https://twitter.com/Evine
  • Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ShopHQ
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/shophq1



Evine was founded on 1990 by Mark Bozek and its headquarter is in Minnesotta

evine official site

Customer Service

Phone Number

The customer service phone number of shophq.com is +1 800-676-5523


To contact customer service this shopping channel customers have also these alternatives:

By email you can write to  customerservice@shophq.com
You can also use traditional mail to:

Attn: Customer Relations
6740 Shady Oak Rd
Eden Prairie, MN 55344


Watch Live

You can watch Evine live now shophq home shopping channel from the following  URL https://www.evine.com/onair/watchuslive



Online Shopping

To shop online, go to the shophq homepage and select from the available categories: jewelry, watches, fashion, beauty, kitchen and food, home, electronics.

Your first order has a 15% discount with coupon code WELCOME. You can check all the details of this promotion here: https://www.evine.com/l/welcomecoupon?icid=FP-_-Multi-_-NewCustCoupon-_-061318


If you sign up the newsletter you receive a 15% discount. There is also a special selection of products with free shipping.

If you have any doubt check their online faq section. You can also contact the shop through the contact section link inside their website.

Check the homepage for new deals every day and enjoy your shopping online.


Reviews of www.evine.com

You can check here the main available evine.com (now shophq.com) reviews. You can also write in these websites your own experience in a review.

Consumerffair reviews

evine.com now shophq.com has an average score of 2 out of 5


trustpilot reviews

evine.com now shophq.com has an average score rating of 2.1 out of 5


In summary the review results are very positive.