Devry university student portal login – log in

You should know that The Higher Learning Commission or HLC is the body that is responsible for the accreditation of DeVry University in New York where it functions as the DeVry College of New York.

Also, included in the accreditation is the Keller Graduate School of Management. However, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission is the governing body that authorizes DeVry University to operate as a postsecondary educational institution in the state of Illinois.

devry student portal login

DeVry University offers to the students across the globe modern e-learning facilities to enable them achieve their educational goals in a conducive and inspiring learning environment.

What is the my Devry Student Portal

The my DeVry Student Portal uses integrated, intuitive, and interactive tools to connect students to other students in a community. Through the portal, students will also get to communicate with their lecturers.

This university has invested heavily in innovative technology that is geared towards providing students with a second to none e-learning experience to remember.


How to login to my Devry University Student Portal

To use my DeVry Student Portal  you have to first register as a student of the university.

This means acquiring a DeVry based email address and an acceptable password. You used this email and password to login and gain access to your student account on the portal.

After log in to you will get on-board the my DeVry Student Portal in

You will be provided with a variety of support and on-demand tools. Some of these tools and support include;

  • E-tutoring: Here you will get access to 24/7 learning to suit your peculiar time/work schedule.
  • E-textbooks as well as audiobooks: You will be able to get your hands on course related e-textbooks and associated audiobooks to help you with your studies.
  • E-library: What is a university without its library? By accessing the DeVry Portal, you would be provided with real time Access to a very extensive virtual library where you can enhance your knowledge base.
  • On the Student Portal you can «Go to Class«. Here you will first need to provide your student username and password. Once you have gained access to the virtual class, you will be able to receive lectures via both live streaming and a pre-recording of lectures.
  • You can view the academic calendar and even manage your schedule to be in sync with the calendar.
  • There is a «Schedule» page on the portal which you can access only by also providing your username and password.
  • A «Community» link is available to connect you with fellow students while you can check out the different ways you can pay for tuition by clicking on the «Student Finance» link.
  • Note that you cannot access the «Community» and «Student Finance» without providing both your student username and registered password.


While you are on the Student Portal, you can also receive career services, academic counseling, and computer/technology discounts.


Devry university reviews

You can check here the main available reviews. You can also write in these websites your own experience in a review.

Consumerffair reviews has an average score of 2.4 out of 5

gradreports reviews has an average score rating of 3.2 out of 5

In summary the review results are quite positive.


Help Desk Support

 Apart from getting 24/7 academic, financial, administrative, and technical support on the portal.

You can also reach out to the DeVry University support team by contacting their help desk via phone call on 877-306-4283.