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Best Crowdfunding Websites – Top Largest Free Fundraising Sites


There are a lot of projects, businesses or ventures out there with immense potential but lack appropriate funding.

Some even has such prospects that they can become worthy competitions for top businesses in the world. But unfortunately, most of them gets little to no funding which gradually kills it off. While others don't just take off at all and are eventually abandoned.

In this article, we will be pointing out one of the many ways by which you can get your projects, busineses or ventures funded with the free best fundraising sites.

And guess what, you get to select from the best crowdfunding websites for free available for your specific needs.

best crowdfunding websites

What is a crowdfunding website?

Conventionally, funding a project, business or venture required asking some people for large amounts of money to get started. But luckily that idea has been turned around thanks to crowdfunding. It can be done by simply reaching out to thousands of people or even millions of likely funders through the internet.

So, basically, crowdfunding or fundraising is a way of raising funds by reaching out to a large sum of people by requesting for a small amount of money each, on a designated website.


The best fundraising websites, free, largest and popular

Going forward, we will be listing a few of the largest best fundraising sites free under their sub-categories as you may be aware that crowdfunding serves various purposes or business needs.

Best crowdfunding websites for Investors

Converting an innovative idea into soaring a  business is a complex endeavour and it is accompanied by incalculable overtures.

It is therefore salient that you're properly advised before venturing into an investment.

Below are a list of  best fundraising websites for investors free to choose from, they are the largest but in no particular order:

#1. CircleUp best crowdfunding website for investors

Definitely one of the best fundrasing websites out there.

Circleup connects investors with consumer-based startups such as food and beverages, tech-appliances, and fitness based products.

Powered by an artificial intelligence called Helio, circleup like it's name implies, rounds up a large number of companies, cross-referencing them with billions of individual data to pick which startup has the most potential in the pack.

Leaves little to wonder why it is one of the best fundraising websites.


#2. Fundable

Fundable is more like a reward-based crowdfunding platform leans towards businesses whose attaché consist of software, hardware and consumer-based startups.

Fundable's profiles are accessible to everyone but requires registration to gain full access.


#3. EquityNet

Founded in 2005, EquityNet classes itself as the authentic equity crowdfunding site. EquityNet considers more of consumer products and social startups.

Like the others, the sites also grants full access to its profiles after completing registration.


#4. Crowdfunder is also one of the best fundraising websites out there, it's tends to focus more on consumables, consumer products, and innovative green energy startups. You should definitely check the sites out if you fall into these fields, their offers are great too.


#5. Local stake is a great website for revenue-generating startups, local stake skew towards small businesses involved in consumer -based enterprises such as food production, clothing & manufacturing, etc.

Like most fundraising websites, local stake has a threshold for minimum investment which ranges between $250-$500.

If you have that lot as a small-savings investor, you can definitely check the site out.


Best crowdfunding websites for personal

Emergency do come up in which we are incapacitated financially to sort out, emergencies like health related issues, education, travel and others.

Below are some of the largest free best fundraising websites for personal needs to choose from, again in no particular order:


#1. GoFundMe - best crowdfunding website for personal

The most popular and biggest platform for personal crowdfunding, GoFundMe allows individuals, organisations(nonprofit), and teams to raise funds.

Over the years though, it is popular for helping individuals raise funds for their personal needs.


#2. FundRazr -

A small personal crowdfunding platform compared to it competitors that owes its reputation to an higher volume of functionality and an eye-catching design.


#3. GoGetFunding -

Majorly a platform that provides its users with an easy and formable way to raise money for a cause.


#4. JustGiving -

This platform is one of the biggest and best crowdfunding website that specialises in raising funds for medical expenses, natural disaster victims and generally to aid families facing one tragedy or the other.


#5. Plumfund -

Also one of the best and larger crowdfunding website is a site that has helped it users to raise funds for personal needs and desires such as travels, weddings, honeymoons, education and the likes.

So it is definitely a go to website for raising funds for that place you've always wanted to travel to or that degree you've always wanted to get.


Best crowdfunding websites for Real Estates

Real Estate is arguably one of the best business practices out there as it offers incomparable profit outcomes when it comes to investing your money.

In fact, many millionaires have made larger percentage of their money from owning real estate.

Crowdfunding makes real estate investment available to individuals with small capitals.

Here are a list of the free best crowdfunding sites for real estate, the largest ones:

#1. AlphaFlow - best crowdfunding website for real estates

#2. RealtyMogul -

#3. CrowdStreet -

#4. Fundrise -

#5. DiversyFund -


Best crowdfunding websites for startups

To really get your startup across you'd want to get real close up with your audience, sharing your objectives and the aim of your brand.

To do so, you need financing and the first step is to find the right platform for your startup.

Here are the top five free platforms to consider:

#1. Kickstarter Best fundraising website for startups

#2. GoFundMe

#3. Patreon

#4. Indieogo

#5. Fundable


In conclusion, there are certainly a lot of other of these free crowdfunding websites available for users.

But you will definitely find that all the platforms listed above are top rated and are among the best fundraising websites available for users.

You too can source them for your various needs, be it for investment, personal needs and financing your projects or startups.

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