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10 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners – Writing, Data Entry, Art Freelance Sites

Before the COVID-19 pandemic many professionals from around the world had relied on the Internet for both part-time and full-time work on freelance sites.

But today, the Internet is even more important as a resource for lucrative work and a source of steady income.

However, while several individuals have found their own way to regular online work, there are many more who are not that fortunate.

In this post, we will highlight the best freelancing websites that you can explore today even as you search the Internet for sustainable, life changing work.


What is a Freelance Website?

 Before we begin listing the best freelance websites on the Internet, we have to first explain what a freelance website is (for the uninitiated).

A freelance website is an online platform where employers can post work or jobs and prospective employees can find work that they get paid for once successfully completed.


The 10 Best Freelancing Websites

 While there are many freelance sites on the Internet, here are 10 of the best freelance websites around.


(In alphabetical order)


1. Aquent Creative Staffing Agency

The first freelancing website on our list is Aquent. This is is a site that provides a platform where you can find work in the digital, creative and marketing fields. However, you should note that you should have at least 2 years work experience before you can bid for work on Aquent.

You can also find out the value of your relevant skill level by using the salary guide on the site which will assist you in determining your worth based on your level of skill and experience.

Aquent may not be one of the best freelance websites for beginners, but if you are an experienced professional, then this is one freelance platform to sign up with.




2. Crowded

Crowded uses artificial intelligence or AI in pairing employers and employees. Every potential worker is ranked on the basis of their experience, skill and valuation. Crowded ensures that employers are able to find suitable candidates in the fastest possible time without having to sieve through a pile of unqualified workers applying for a job vacancy.

Also, will help you to automatically apply for jobs that you are qualified which makes it one of the best freelancing sites for people with limited access to the internet or who are too busy to manually apply for possible job vacancies. This way you would not miss out on a chance of finding your dream job.




3. Fiverr

With Fiverr you have one of the best freelancing websites for beginners. If you are a fresh graduate particularly in graphic design, arts and other creative fields, you can display your completed projects to the general public and possible employers right on the Fiverr platform. This way, potential employers or clients can get in touch with you.


Fiverr is also a great resource for learning and skill development, as there are many learning courses available for free on the site. Fiverr is indeed one of the best freelance art websites on the Internet.




4. Freelancer:

Reputed as the world's most resourceful crowd-sourcing virtual marketplace and one of the best freelance writing websites on the Internet. Freelancer is also renowned as the largest freelancing site with over 30 million duly registered online users.


On Freelancer both employers and employees are able to connect with each other and there are thousands of vacant jobs covering a vast number of fields that potential workers can bid for. This is surely one of the best freelance websites for beginners




5. Guru

Guru is similar to Freelancer in the fact that it is an online platform where employers and employees can meet, as well as agree on the modalities of projects including the delivery time and fee. is a great resource for architects, web designers and writers. It is also one of the best freelance writing websites available.




6. Hirable

 If you want to get freelance work from employers located outside America and Europe, then Hirable is the one of the best freelancing sites that you can check out. Similar to Guru and Freelancer, the user interface of Hirable is easy to use and interactive.

Users will get recommendations for jobs and even job notifications and alerts whenever a vacant job arises. You can also get to view all the jobs you previously applied for as well as the jobs you have saved.




7. PeoplePerHour:

With more than 1.5 million users, PeoplePerHour is one of the widely used and best freelance websites on the Internet. As a potential employee, you will be ranked and your rating will help you in securing high profile jobs, as potential employers browse through the network looking for candidates with very high ratings. However, when seeking employment, it is advisable to set a competitive fee, as competition for jobs are fierce on the site.




8. Skyword:

If you are a content writer, content strategist or even an editorial manager, you can find good work on Skyword.

This is a platform where you can get a lot of content marketing jobs and these vacancies span across over 25 countries and more than 10 different languages are fully supported to make Skyword one of the best freelance writing websites available.



9. The Creative Group (TCG):

The Creative Group or TCG enables job seekers to upload either their LinkedIn profile or resume. This makes your job search on the site more convenient and quicker. TCG is one of the best freelance websites for lawyers, driven professionals in a variety of fields and also for photographers.

You can search for jobs that are relevant to your qualifications and subsequently submit your application once you have found the job that piques your interest.




10. Upwork World Best freelance website

The tenth best freelance sites in this post is Upwork. It is the largest one. With Upwork you are provided with a lot of exciting user tools like the proprietary invoice maker.

The recruitment process on Upwork is also transparent and there are a variety of top-ranking jobs that you can get including job vacancies from renowned clients like Google, Dropbox, Airbnb, Microsoft and so on.



Other sites you can try: "Simply Hired", "Nexxt", "99Designs", "TaskRabbit", "Flexjobs" and "Writer Access".


In Conclusion

 These are 10 of the best freelancing websites on the Internet to find jobs about almost anything from graphic designers to photographers, writers, copywriters, web developers, translators, software testing, programmers, accountants, finance, digital marketing, ilustrators, virtual assistants, website builders, journalists and more.

But there are also other similar sites worth mentioning as well.


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