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Top Ten Best Astrology Websites

As our years advance, we realize that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. And at one point we wish for a breather in adulthood or a standstill. And guess what? We got it!! COVID-19 came and gave us that.

Every behavior about us and the people around us became magnified. It will help you understand why everyone is the way they are by introducing you to the most recommended astrology sites.

But first, we will see a little about horoscope sites and astromancy.

What is Astrology?

Before moving further , we first need to understand what is it. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is:

The study of actions and positions of outer space bodies believed to have an influence on human relations and the normal world.

A lot of information right? Stars Positions, solar system movements, asteroids, and planets can explain events and behavior. Let’s divide it further



Now that we have a clear understanding, let me introduce you to the most recommended accurate site. The most popular.

Ever wondered about your love life? Then worry no more! For as low as $0.66 per minute, you can get a clear reading about love from a Psychic source. Having been in business for over 30 years, it makes them one of the top and the most reputable site.

Depending on your preference, readings can be via online chat, phone call, or video call. For the new members, you get to enjoy free 3 minutes and 75% off.

For just $1.99, you can get 10 minutes of psyche reading and horoscopes in Keen.

This site provides an option of daily horoscopes. You can subscribe to daily mailings or simply check their site all for free! The daily horoscopes are for all the 12 Zodiac signs. You have a choice of phone, chat, or email for your readings.

Free 3 minutes and 70% off, it doesn’t get better than that! This site has a wide range of readings. It include psyche readings, tarot reading, astrology, mediums, and numerology.



Cafe Astrology

So you want to get a scope of your future and save some coins, then the top free of charge astrology site is Cafe Astrology.

This site has so many features that you just can’t afford to miss. It include :

  • horoscopes,
  • ask Annie and forecasts,
  • the astrology of love,
  • and predictive astrology.

Unique predictions relating to birthdays are available, how amazing is that!



Now that you have a scope, we will dive into the ranking of 10 Astrology sites recommended ;



If you need a quick way to learn Astrology, then this is your choice. This site comes as a high recommendation for studying and to learn basic aspects of Astrology.

It offers useful Astrology signs in your birth chart making it easier for you to understand.



This site provides both paid and free services. If you are a horoscope fanatic, then you are in luck.

They provide the most accurate horoscope for free! To access paid services, you first need to sign up on their platform



All you have to know is your zodiac sign and you’re hooked to this site. You’ll get a free daily horoscope and if you need more details, you have the option of paying. Their paid services include tarot readings, and love predictions.

They also have a live psychic discussion at a fee.



Once you are registered to this site, you get to access amazing content. Their site is user-friendly meaning it’s very easy to navigate.

This site provides weekly, monthly horoscopes. It also have cool features worth checking such as solar eclipse, asteroids and you get all these for free.



You don’t even need to sign up to access this site as they offer free services. They provide horoscopes according to your numerology and zodiac signs. How cool is that it’s all for free.

If you are interested in taking courses in Astrology and getting some eBooks, they are the place for you


6. Astrotheme

This is a reputable site as they have been active for 15years. They offer you the opportunity to create an account for free. It will help you learn to create your natal birth chart, astrology forecasts, and personalized horoscopes.

It also have paid services such as compatibility, longer durations of astrology and detailed forecasts.



Astrology zone is a premium site providing premium services for a fee. You can choose from their subscriptions what suits you. Their plans include $4.99 per month, $12.99 per 3 months, and $49.99 per year.

These subscription plans bring you a daily horoscope. You can also learn about your sun sign and love compatibility


8. Astrology Zodiac Signs

Can you imagine how cool it is to have a mobile application that provides you all the Astrological information?

Well this site has this amazing option. You can easily access information about your zodiac signs plus the characteristics.

Besides your daily horoscopes, weekly too, this site provides compatibility insights.



So, you have no idea about natal charts yet it’s needed for correct readings. Well, you’re in luck as Café Astrology has all these covered and it’s all completely free!



This site provides daily predictions about your life just based on your zodiac sign, tarot reading, and psychic.

You don’t even need to sign up for access all you need to do is to select your zodiac sign and you get predictions at zero charges.



All the information you need about is now here with you. 

The best site for free Astrology

It is Café that has all the basic information and many accessible features at zero cost.

The best paid Astrology site

The prize automatically goes to the


With all these, you have no excuse not to educate yourself on who you are and even learn about the people around you.


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