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AdvancedMD patient portal login

How to log in as a patient in the advancedmd portal? The advancedmd login portal of patient portal page is .

This patient portal software site comes with a white background while the content is either in black, white or orange.

If you are a new patient then you have to register first before sign in.

At the top right hand side of the site is a drop-down menu depicted as three horizontal lines. Patients should click on this menu to reveal the following pages and options;

  • Solutions: These are the medical practice management  software services on offer that you can get as a patient. And are broken down into:
    • Practice Management,
    • EHR Software,
    • Patient Experience,
    • and Patient Resources.

You can also view all the advancedmd ehr software products as well as features on offer if you so desire.

  • Buy: This is an option for you to buy the billing service program under a safe and secure online payment page.
  • Learn: If you want to learn more about AdvancedMD, then this page will provide you with all the resources you need.
  • Company: Here you can learn more about AdvancedMD. Get to know more about their history, principles, services, and even future plans.
  • Pricing: This is where you can obtain information on the pricing of the AdvancedMD products.


Patients can reach out to a representative of via live chat in the online portal or phone call. Also, there is a Live Demo option available.

This is if you want to try out the medical billing service software before making a buying decision.


AdvancedMD Client Login

How to log in as a Client? Here you have the entire login process explained for the advanced md login portal. login

 If you have acquired the AdvancedMD software and want to login in the patientportal. You can do so directly from the installed app or on your browser.

  1. To login from a web browser enter this web address, the advancedmd login page
  2. Once onboard the login page patient portal, you will need to provide your «Username», «Password», and «Office Key».
  3. You will also need to click on either the «PM» or «EHR» box (whichever applies to you).
  4. As soon as you finish, click on the login button to access your account.
  5. If you cannot remember your password, there is a «Forgot your password» option available.
  6. In this login interface window you would be required to provide your «Username» and «Office Key». After you fill the required fields, you will then have to click on the «Help me reset my password» button in order to reset your password.


Advancedmd Provider Login in

How to login as a provider? The provider login starting screen is the advancedmd login page

You must select PM or EHR before login to advanced md.


what is advancedmd software

AdvancedMD is a medical billing software app that is built entirely on a cloud platform. It was established in 1999. offers a holistic, automated medical practice workflow providing customers complete access to:

  • To every single information,
  • To data security,
  • Simplistic storage,
  • And an automated backup facility.



Youtube Channel

You can also access its own advancedmd youtube channel 


Common login errors

could not open the key «» the error was: access is denied

Try disabling the pop up blocker in the advancedmd login site before sign in. You can get more information here: Reviews

You can check here the main available reviews. You can also write in this websites your own experience in a review.

Consumerffair reviews

advancedmd has an average score review of 4.1 out of 5


Trustpilot reviews

advancedmd has an average score review rating of 3.6 out of 5


In summary the reviews results are quite positive.


Customer support

The customer service phone number is (888) 700-9060

You can access all the contact information here.



Only offers  sort of cloud-based facility for anyone just starting their medical practice or hoping to grow an already existing one using cloud-based technology.

The AdvancedMD software is well managed and hosted directly by Amazon Web Services or AWS. AWS offers top quality performance, security, and unrivalled reliability.

AdvancedMD can be accessed on a number of PC and mobile devices.

The cloud service makes it possible for you to have a complete grasp of every information of your practice regardless of the device you intend using.

With a platform that is not reliant on a server, your practice can be managed in a more effective and efficient manner. You can work from virtually anywhere and at anytime using AdvancedMD cloud.

In addition, all authorized staff of your practice would be able to gain access to vital information in a seamless, easy, and secure way using their iPhone or via a browser.

AdvancedMD is a company that provides electronic health record (EHR) software and other technology solutions for medical practices and healthcare providers.

Their EHR system is designed to help healthcare providers manage and track their patients’ health information and records, as well as provide tools for care planning and coordination.

By using electronic records, healthcare providers can more easily share and access important information about their patients, which can help improve the quality of care they receive.

In addition to EHR software, AdvancedMD also offers practice management and patient engagement solutions, as well as support and training services.