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Before you can watch ABC on a variety of different viewing devices you will need a seven-character Activation Code.

You have to enter this code sinto the provided field on the site.

In this post, you will learn how to download, install, launch and activate ABC to your Smart TV, Roku device, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and many other similar devices using


How to activate ABC using

 Here are steps that you can take to activate ABC on your Smart TV, Roku or Apple TV.

on Smart TV


Step #1: Visit the respective Smart TV app store.

Step #2: Locate and find ABC in the app store. Click on ABC to download the app.

Step #3: Launch the ABC app after installing it on your Smart TV.

Step #4: Write down the Activation Code that appears on your TV screen when you launch ABC.

Step #5: Enter Code in the right field when you launch the site on a web browser using a mobile device or computer.

Step #6: After you enter the code when you visit you can then continue by tapping or pressing the enter key on the keyboards of your mobile or PC device respectively.

Step #7: Select and login to your TV Provider’s service account.


On your Roku Device


Step #1: Visit the official Roku channel store directly from your Roku device.

Step #2: Go to the menu and choose ‘Add Channel’ from the drop-down list.

Step #3: Launch the ABC app using your tablet or smartphone.

Step #4: Jot down the Activation Code that is shown on your screen.

Step #5: Visit from a web browser and input the Code in the provided field.

Step #6: Continue by activating the code and selecting your particular TV provider.

Step #7: Login to the website of your TV Provider by providing your credentials and you will be able to watch ABC programming directly from your Roku device.


On Apple TV


Step #1: You first need to download, install, and launch the ABC app on your Apple TV. You can download the ABC app to your device directly from or from Apple App Store.

Step #2: While on the launched ABC app, locate and select the ‘Account’ menu option.

Step #3: On the ‘Account’ menu you need to select the ‘TV Provider’ option.

Step #4: Click on the ‘Sign In’ button and a seven-character Activation Code will be displayed on your viewing screen. Write down this code as you will need it in the next step.

Step #5: Using your personal computer or mobile device visit and input the code you wrote down.

Step #6: Click the enter key of your computer keyboard to continue.

Step #7: You then need to select and sign in to your TV Provider using the required personal account details including your account login information and password.      


On Android TV

Apart from downloading ABC app directly from the official website of ABC or Apple App Store, you can also download the software application from Google Play Store for your Android device.

You can activate ABC on your Android TV by following these steps:

Step #1: After installing the free ABC app, launch the app then select the ‘Account’ menu option.

Step #2: As the ‘Account’ menu is opened, select the ‘TV Provider’ option.

Step #3: Choose ‘Sign In’ under the ‘TV Provider’ option.

Step #4: Select your particular TV Provider then sign in using your account details. Afterwards you will be able to access ABC on your Android TV.


On your Amazon Fire Stick device

To activate ABC on your Amazon Fire device you should follow these five steps:

Step #1: Visit the official Amazon Fire TV app store.

Step #2: Find and install the free ABC app to your device.

Step #3: Launch the downloaded free ABC app. After opening the ABC app, an Activation Code will be displayed on your TV screen. Write down this Activation Code as you will need to use it later.

Step #4: Visit the site from any web browser using either your mobile/smartphone or PC device. Enter the Activation Code in the provided field.    

Step #5: Choose a TV service provider. Login to the service provider by providing both your registered username and user password.   



ABC is a broadcasting company owned by Walt Disney Television. ABC was launched in New York on the 15th of May,1943 by Louis Blanche and Edward J Noble. Over the years, ABC has earned a reputation for having the broadcast rights for many notable national competitions and awards.

In fact, the Miss America Competition has been aired by ABC since the mid-1950s to date. Also, ABC is known to broadcast reputable awards like the coveted American Music Awards and the Emmy Awards. Since the establishment of ABC more than 75 years ago, they have had more than 300 TV stations.

ABC is available as a software application. This app can be downloaded and launched on many devices. However, you first need to be an active subscriber of ABC via a TV provider.


In Conclusion


By following the steps highlighted in this post, you will be able to access and watch programmes on ABC.

You can also watch programmes on ABC for free in the US with only a regular TV antenna. Alternatively, you can join a free streaming service provider.

You can watch ABC programming on Hulu+, AT&T TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and so on.

The APP is free to download and compatible on Apple or Android OS video streaming mobile devices.

For more information on, send your enquiries by email or simply drop a comment in the comment box below.